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Smart Wifi Router Setup with Parental Control

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A smart WiFi router with parental controls is best if your children are under the age of 13. Using parental controls can help keep your children safe. You can also restrict internet access for certain sites or users, ensuring they don’t access inappropriate content. Smart parental controls are essential in protecting children and should be implemented before connecting to a WiFi network.


– Setting up app on your phone
– Setting up Wi-Fi Router with Secure Access
– Pickup / Delivery of Wi-Fi Router of your choice or our recommendation

Does Not Include 

Cost of Wi-Fi Router, Any extra cabling required.


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A smart wifi router with parental control allows you to restrict what your kids can access. For instance, a smart router with parental control will only allow your child access to specific websites and apps. It will also allow you to set up specific times for your child to access the internet. In addition, you can even limit the time your child uses the internet for homework. And, if you’d like, you can set up an online timer to prevent screen time.

If your kids are extremely active online, then a 5GHz or tri-band router could be a good choice. It’s also helpful to set a central internet filtering feature to limit the time your kids can use certain apps. Parents who want to monitor what their children do on the internet might also find parental controls useful for themselves.

Parents should also consider installing a firewall as a way to limit access to the internet. This can help protect your kids from harmful content online. But, it can be a pain in the neck if you’re constantly having to change passwords for your children. And, this method has its limitations, such as the need to manually add devices that are permanently connected. Parents should also consider setting up a separate network for permanently connected devices.

If you’re looking for advanced parental controls, the Orbi is a good choice. The My Time app lets you set different profiles for different members of your family. You can also pause or restart the internet connection when your children are sleeping. This router has additional features, including usage history and schedules. It’s worth noting that these features are free. As a parent, you need to know your child’s screen time so that you can set limits for them.


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